Clutch Repairs Perth

Forged Automotive offer a specialised service to properly diagnose your vehicles clutch system. The clutch system handles the power delivery from the engine to the drive train of the vehicle. This is why it’s important to ensure the system is properly maintained and diagnosed correctly when a fault occurs.

Some common clutch issue or reasons to have your clutch system inspected are:
• Shudder when releasing the clutch pedal
• High bite point when releasing the clutch pedal
• Clutch not disengaging when clutch pedal is depressed
• Spongy/lack of pedal feel
• Slipping under acceleration
• Noise when depressing the clutch pedal
• Hard to select gears

Have confidence that Forged Automotive will only use quality components when repairing/servicing your clutch system. We will also ensure to communicate clearly with you so that the correct parts are selected to suit your specific needs.

To discuss your clutch system issue or upgrade please contact us on 9250 3345 or