Suspension Repairs Perth

Forged Automotive offer a specialised service to properly diagnose your vehicles suspension. As most will understand, the suspension is what keeps your tyres in constant contact with the road. It is critical to ensure the suspension is properly maintained and diagnosed correctly when a fault occurs.

Some common suspension issues or reasons to have your suspension inspected are:
• Bouncing feeling after going over bumps in the road
• Clunking when going over bumps
• Vehicle feels unstable when cornering
• Vehicle not sitting level
• Vehicle very stiff or harsh over bumps

Have confidence that Forged Automotive will only use quality components when repairing/servicing your suspension. We will also ensure to communicate clearly with you so that the correct parts are selected to suit your specific needs. We can also offer a range of suspension upgrades, including but not limited to lowering, raising, coilovers and air bag suspension.

To discuss your suspension issue or upgrade please contact us on 9250 3345 or